Pegasystems Customer Decision Hub (CDH) delivers incredible results, and by results, we mean profit and revenue. The ROI is dramatic. Want to learn more? Read a Pega-commissioned study by Forrester Forrester Pega CDH Impact – 489% ROI

The AI, which gets smarter over time, integrates real-time context, constantly re-decisioning based on incoming data, so that NBAs, or Next Best Actions, such as sales or retention offers, pre-emptive service nudges or nurture messages are delivered in a personalized way at exactly the right time, to that specific customer. The AI uncovers motivational and emotional states, connects experiences, and reveals categories of interest.

With hyper-personalized 1:1 engagement, it is easy to see why the days of endless one-to-many marketing is done. With Pega CDH, your customers experience high-empathy engagement with a 6X increase in relevance of messaging. Your enterprise can model and predict your revenue and margin, realizing dramatic ROI and competitive advantage.