We partner with Martech industry leaders to design, implement, and integrate the best 1:1 engagement solutions to help you meet your business objectives.

Pega's Customer Decision Hub (CDH) is a unique, integrative 1:1 customer engagement solution with an “always-on” approach. By embracing empathy, scale, and prioritizing every step of the customer journey, Pega’s CDH helps companies build real customer relationships across all channels. Data is collected in real time and used to generate AI propensity-driven models, making real-time decisioning possible as well as a recommended next-best-action to deliver a seamless, achievable, and relevant customer experience every time. 

We’ve earned the 1:1 Customer Engagement and Delivery Specialization distinctions in the Pega Partners program for our expertise and deep vertical knowledge. Pega recognizes their specialty partners for having demonstrated the ability to help customers build more innovative businesses, significantly impacting their customers, stakeholders, and their partners.

For more information about Pega's Customer Decision Hub, visit www.pegasystems.com.

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is a flexible, powerful open system for building and managing solutions that drive customer experience.  It organizes and standardizes data, applying transformational, AI-driven predictive insights to deliver rich, personalized customer experiences across all channels.

Adobe distinguishes its partners as those who have demonstrated real-world competence. Adobe partners are held to high standards in the areas of technical expertise, implementation proficiency, and customer success.

For more information about Adobe Experience Platform, visit www.adobe.com.

With their tagging free data capture platform, Celebrus collects first-party anonymous and known user interactions, as well as PII data throughout the customer journey and lifetime, to build a robust identity graph across devices, domains, platforms, and systems.  This enables clients to use their first party data in real time to feed decisioning and make better recommendations.

For more information about Celebrus, visit  www.celebrus.com.

With leading edge experience in Adobe Campaign, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Adobe Experience Manager, Cerulium specializes in delivering Adobe solutions to Fortune 500 clients.   Their roots are in supporting and enabling the data that feeds your personalization systems and helping clients develop real-time engagement solutions. 

For more information about Cerulium, visit www.cerulium.com.


SG’s Xponent Ignite (XI) is a seamless, robust customer engagement solution that prioritizes exceptional customer experiences by leveraging industry-specific journey patterns across every customer touchpoint. With pre-built and preconfigured features, XI integrates smoothly into existing technology, offering clients a low-risk, timely implementation.

For more information about CSG, visit www.csgi.com.