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Assessing and implementing a new system is often overwhelming. Our Advisors meet with you to understand the customer engagement challenges your organization faces and determine the best Pega solution to meet your needs. We assist with business case development, and our Architectural Review helps you understand how a CDH solution integrates with and optimizes your current capabilities.

Using our Pega Prep approach, our Advisors work to help identify the requirements for a successful implementation, including team member participation across the organization, data needs across channels, systems integration requirements, staffing and training needs, KPI and reporting specifications and ongoing systems management processes.

We also provide peace of mind. Each of our Advisors have over 15 years consulting experience and 8 years of certified Pega implementation experience, so you know you are getting the expertise you need.


Based upon the deliverables from our Pega Prep process, CXForward’s implementation specialists use Pega’s proven methodology and tools, such as Directly Capturing Objectives (DCO) and seamless Agile/Scrum development, to deliver timely and quality solutions to our customers. Our expert design patterns, configuration process, and ‘build for reuse’ strategy expedites solution delivery and ROI. Pega guardrails and pre-configured alerts ensure that you receive a high-performing, optimized solution.

We understand that integration with existing marketing and IT systems is a key part of any successful implementation. That is why we have experts who specialize in platforms such as Adobe and Salesforce to assist the team in successfully deploying a solution that optimizes your organizations investment across platforms.


While Pega training is exceptional, people often leave class and struggle when it comes to actually applying their newly learned skills. It also can be challenging to incubate and grow an internal Pega practice and, all too often, teams lack a knowledgeable coach to lead and assist them.

As a Registered Pega Business Partner with years of experience, we realized there must be a better way to train teams and resource projects.

So we created Pega Pod Coaching.

As a Pega Authorized Training Partner (ATP) we provide Pega classroom training. We also provide on-site coaching to assist individuals as they return to work to take on their new responsibility supporting a Pega implementation. With our staff augmentation services, you can supplement your team with our experienced Pega practitioners until your team is trained and up to speed. Or you can hire them to join your team. We are ok with that.